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New old songs

Long time no news…I don’t know…Feel tired, I have tried to record some new shit for the last 6 months…anyway this is not new and will never be released, but I kinda like them.



Germany winter tour

I’ll play three shows in Germany this January:

Thursday, Berlin, 23nd January 2014
Venue: Urban Spree

Friday, Frankfurt, 24th January 2014
Venue: Plank

Saturday Cologne, 25, January 2014
Venue: King Georg

Eastern France-Benelux if you want/can welcome Cankun before feel free to send an email to


Ok I won’t play shows anymore this year, so I think it’s now time to thank everyone for this amazing year with Cankun…Don’t want to be cheesy, but you know…I’d like to send huge love to Morgan and Onito from Hands In The Dark Records I truly think it’s one of the best label out there…people who came to the shows : thanks dudes, couldn’t imagine so many people would have come to watch a huge bear playing guitar…Promoters/people who invited me to play int heir venue, festival, HUGE thanks. I also couldn’t imagine so many cool feedbacks for Culture of Pink, blew my mind…2014 : new gigs, I hope more than this year and better quality. A new record, I have no idea what it will be, but I’m working like a dog…
I have still a couple of Culture of Pink copies but I might keep them for early 2014 shows. You can still download the digital version through 
If you want to book a cankun show, you can email to


Hey dudes,

Next show in Toulouse for Les Jardins Synthétiques festival on 04/10.

Then European tour with Robedoor, Holy Strays and Sand Circles.

We’re looking for shows late November early December, anywhere in Western Europe, if you wanna help

Bandcamp still in the place





I don’t really update this site anymore, check Facebook for updates :

Anyway had a blast in Sejero Festival, Baleapop Festival and La Route du rock, I’m so happy to have been invited to lay there, means a lot to me.

This saturday I’ll play in Tulle at the Barathon festival. Then it’ll be time to record some new shit…

For booking matters you can now email to flaviebooking at gmail dot com. 

There will be shows in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France and I hope more this autumn.



Interview + mixtape


I’ve done a mixtape as well as an interview with Elective Collective

summer is sweet




It’s now official I’ll play at La route du rock on the 16th of August. Hands in the dark will do a djset right before my set. We’re so psyched.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve signed with Mexican Summer, and a new EP will be released somewhere in September.


mixtape+interview with Joseph Ghosn

I’ve made a mixtape + interview (in franch) with Joseph Ghosn

Check it out!

I’m pleased to announce that I will play in two amazing festivals in France this summer:

Baleapop on the 10/08

La Route du Rock on 16/08 (same day as Godspeed you Back Emeperor)

So psyched…

Heading to Genova for this week end festival!



I will play a festival in Italy Genova on the 4th of May.

I might have some free time in June so send an email at for gigs or whatsoever.

 You can still download Culture of Pink through bandcamp

And Culture of Pink was record of the day, actually yesterday at Insound.

And yes we have a new home after NotNotFun, Hands in the Dark, Synth Series and Constealltion Tatsu…MS kids…can’t wait…So I’m recroding an ep for September then I will tour this autumn…

Take care